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Our vineyard can never be even close to profitable unless we can sell the wine directly to consumers. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to sell it the only way we know how: by subscription only. And we’re going to make you an offer that no one has ever made in the history of the wine business (as far as we know).

Last year, was a good year.  But our neighbor lost grapes to a flood.  We promised him some of ours.  This left us with only 5,800 available for the US.  It won’t last long.  Americans have discovered Argentine Malbec.  And our dear readers have discovered Tacana.

Last year, we began with even fewer bottles to sell – only 4,000.  We sold out in 24 hours.  And we offered a special guarantee: if you didn’t like it, we’d send your money back.  As far as we know, no one in the wine business ever make such an offer.  But we had confidence in Tacana. And we knew we had to prove ourselves.

As it turned out, of all the 4,000 bottles sold…only 11 customers asked for a refund, which we gladly paid.

Remember, it’s more intense than the wine you’re probably used to. Goes great with meat. The Argentines drink it with their big steaks, for example. We drink it with everything, everyday. Other wines now taste weak in comparison. Offer it to friends and neighbors. See what they say. And, if after you’ve gone through your supply, you think it did not live up to the promises and claims we’ve made for it, just say so. We’ll be happy to refund your money. Just as we did last year.  No need to send anything back. We’ll take your word for it. 

So, the very worst that could happen is that you drink our wine at our expense! You can’t lose!


On their way to private cellars across the US


You missed out last year. And this year the previous costumers had first dibs on the few bottles of RESERVA we had available. But we saved a few very special bottles – for you.

Remember that our stock is very limited, so don’t delay. Previous customers… including those on the waiting list…. have already bought over 3000 bottles of this year’s wine that we had available.

As for those, it’s first come, first serve. We only have 110 cases available of Tacana 2017. Don’t miss out again this year, you’ll have to wait ‘til next year…

So, if you’d like to help us save the ranch, raise a glass and enjoy an exceptional Argentine Malbec, you can place your order below.



Tacana Malbec 2017 (x6)

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Tacana Malbec Reserva 2017 (x6)

$540.00 $450.00

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Mixed Case

$720.00 $595.00

Tacana Malbec Reserva 2017 × 6

100 in stock

Tacana Malbec 2017 × 6

100 in stock

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6 bottles of high-altitude Argentine Malbec.

Tacana 2017 – Worth $414 – SAVE $144

Reserva 2017 – Worth $450 – SAVE $120

Mixed case – Worth $720 – SAVE $264

Tasting notes:

Tacana Malbec 2017: Straight from the Andes mountains in the north of Argentina, Tacana is unique, powerful and smooth wine. A dark purple-colored wine, Tacana contains aromas of dark fruits and opens up with the intensity and fleshy character typical of the Malbec varietal.

Tacana Reserva 2017: This bold, New World wine benefits from Old World production techniques, including French oak barreling. Dark purple-colored, with more of a honey aroma, while keeping intact the characteristics of the Malbec varietal. Followed in the palate by a full-bodied wine with flavors of spice, black cherry and pepper. The finish is elegant and lengthy.

Limited Supply 

Only 270 cases available

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